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SkillsActive welcomes the DCSF 'safe from bullying' guidance documents.

Bullying does not only happen in normal school hours, it can happen anywhere. Children who are badly bullied in school are more likely than others to be bullied outside of it too.

Uzma Ahmad - 08/05/09

The DCSF have published the Safe from Bullying suite of guidance on tackling bullying outside of schools. This comprises documents covering bullying in various settings, and a document of training resources.

There are various documents which will help those that work within the play workforce.

Click here to to access the documents covering play and leisure provision is aimed at 'staff and volunteers in leisure centres, play provision, cultural and sporting workforce and voluntary management committees and trustees for these activities'.

Click here to access documents on youth activities, which is aimed at 'managers, staff and volunteers in youth activities, clubs and groups - including local authority and third sector providers, and voluntary management committees'. 

click here to access documents for all those who work in before/after school provision and holiday playschemes, and managers and staff in extended services in and around schools. It outlines the possible bullying that might occur in extended services and describes steps to prevent it and respond to it effectively.

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