Following on from yesterday’s look at Wales, the Who gets the tip team today turn their attention to Scottish attitudes to tipping.

Flying in the face of the somewhat unfair stereotype of the Scots as being more careful with their money, the research actually shows that, out of all UK adults, Scots are the most likely to tip all of the time – 45% say they would always leave a tip compared to the national average of 30%. Scots are also the most likely to leave a tip in a hairdressers or beauty establishment, taxi or casino.

In spite of this generosity, though, Scottish people are also the least likely to know where their money goes when they leave a tip, three in four Scots say they don’t know where exactly their money goes compared to the UK average of  61%.

Scots are also the least likely to have seen any information displayed explaining a business’ tipping policy, nearly eight in ten say they have never seen any indication of where their money goes to compared to the UK average of 67%.

Perhaps worryingly, tied to this lack of information or awareness about tipping policies, Scots say that are also by the most uncomfortable country in the UK when it comes to asking the question ‘who gets the tip?’.


A big thank you to everyone who's asking 'Who gets the tip?'