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Get Listed & Share Your Policy

We're trying to make it as simple as possible for businesses to be clear about their tipping policies.

To help make your tipping policy clearer, why not use our interactive pie graph generator below to help customers see and understand where and who their money goes to?

When you have completed your submission, your business will also be added to our interactive Google map to help customers see and learn the tipping policies of businesses in their area.

Step 1. Provide some basic information about your business.
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Step 2. Enter details about each share of the tip on a new line below.
Step 3. Terms & Conditions.

Tick this box to agree that by submitting this policy you are adhearing to the The UK Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges.

Step 4. Add an optional paragraph of text to the bottom of your pie chart for terms & conditions etc.
Step 5. When you're happy click on the button below to generate your final pie chart and be added to the Who Gets The Tip map.

Disclaimer: The pie chart and interactive map are for the purpose of supporting businesses in making their tipping policy clearer. By entering your business details and tipping policy above you are confirming that your business has adopted the principles of the Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges. A pie chart or mention on this site does not reflect official endorsement by the 'Who Gets The Tip?' campaign.


A big thank you to everyone who's asking 'Who gets the tip?'