Energy Networks Strategy Group (ENSG)

Smart Grids Working Group

DECC and Ofgem have asked the ENSG to produce a high level vision of what a UK smart grid might look like and the challenges it would help address, and a route map for delivery of this vision.

The vision will need to say what a smart grid could look like, why we would want to develop it and how big a step this could be compared to how we currently use networks.

The ENSGs work, in collaboration with a consultant appointed by DECC will:

  • Establish a consensus, industry view of the network challenges that SmartGrids could help address and therefore the likely features and functionality that would characterise a Smart Grid within a UK context - the application of technologies and systems that would constitute a smart grid and their status i.e. maturity, availability and cost as well as the uncertainties and overall timelines.
  • Ascertain the level of international experience of SmartGrids to date and future plans, in particular taking account of developments in Europe.
  • Determine the high level costs and benefits of developing smart grids in terms of Government policy objectives (carbon budgets and renewables targets, prices, security of supply and business benefits of developing UK expertise on smart grid technology).
  • Establish a baseline position - assess current UK networks capability for smarter grid applications.
  • Establish, at a high level, whether any unintended barriers exist to the development of smarter networks and if they do, propose ways to address them.

    The route map will need to set out how we will deliver on the vision in the coming 5 years, including initial deployment where beneficial, what policy and regulatory issues need to be tackled and by when, who is responsible for what actions.
  • Identify key measures for government, industry and other bodies within the next 5 year period to ensure UK is well placed to exploit smart grid technologies if they prove attractive options.
  • More specifically propose research, development and deployment opportunities that should be pursued in the immediate future to ensure that our network companies are fully prepared to deploy smarter solutions as they become necessary and/or beneficial.

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