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The Transmission Working Group (TWG) continues the work of the Transmission Issues Working Group (TIWG), which was set up to initiate preliminary studies to examine the upgrade of the electricity transmission system in order to accept increasing connections of renewable generation. The Renewable Energy Transmission Study (RETS), in respect of transmission in Scotland, and the England and the Wales Transmission Study (EWTS) were key issues for the TIWG. The TWG will monitor progress on the construction of new transmission infrastructure and identify transmission issues that will require resolution to accommodate the expansion of renewable generation.

The TWG draws its membership from NGET, the Scottish transmission companies, the DTI, The Scottish Executive, the Welsh Assembly, and Ofgem. The TWG is divided into four work programmes and further information can be obtained via their links given to the left of this page.

The TWG manages four work programme areas given below:-

Work Programme 1: Horizon Scanning

Scenario analysis, new technology and coordinating activities with the Distribution Working Group.

Work Programme 2: Technical Standards

Transmission requirements for wind energy, the offshore connection interface and GB SSQS governance.

Work Programme 3: Connecting Renewable Generators

Facilitating the delivery of renewable targets and aspirations, transmission plans and options, regional planning strategies and connection application reporting.

Work Programme 4: Accomodating Variability & New Technology

Links to R&D in relevant technology, strategic studies (such as the ESTISG), international studies and off shore transmission.

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