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Policy Development Reports

The Rotterdam Rules: A Guide (pdf 76KB PDF Icon)

This guide has been written in order to help businesses clarify the issues surrounding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea, known as the Rotterdam Rules.

The European Customs Environment and the UK Trader (pdf 1.04MB PDF Icon)

This document focuses on giving an insight into the developing EU Customs environment, the regulations which underpin it and the initiatives that will implement it.

The Cost of Paper in the Supply Chain: “Project Hermes”Perishable Foods Sector Research Report (pdf 1.71MB PDF Icon)

This report describes and values some of the main issues which arise out of using the current documentation processes and the impact on upon both the industry and the government departments concerned with regulating the import and export of perishable goods. This is a substantial sector of the economy, with the core perishable market GDP for imports/exports worth over £36 billion, and creating considerable employment and revenue generation in the retail and catering sectors.

Paperless Trading Research Report (pdf 2.74MB PDF Icon)

This report provides an analysis of the gaps between paper trade documentation flows and the paperless equivalents in terms of speed, quality, dependability, flexibility and costs. However, paperless trade is not a solution in itself. Removing paper based documents from the international supply chain increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the cross border trading process, but in turn brings its own set of problems. For this reason the report highlights some of these issues, particularly interoperability between different e-systems and the constraints this places on the trade information flow.

UK Review of Security Initiatives in International Trade (pdf 820KB PDF Icon)

In January 2008, SITPRO published a guide to the various steps towards a secure supply chain that are being implemented around the world, as they relate to the UK. It examines the different types of security initiatives in place, the government bodies involved and the types of business effected. It also provides brief summaries of the major initiatives shaping the security environment at the start of 2008.

Putting European Competitiveness at the Heart of 21st Century Electronic Trading (pdf 598KB PDF Icon)

This paper sets out the results of a detailed review of the European Commission's policy for a paperless Customs environment conducted by SITPRO's Strategic Advisory Group on Europe (SAGE).

German Translation (pdf 307KB PDF Icon)

Survey of the Regulatory Environment for UK Importers (pdf 428KB PDF Icon)

The findings of a study to examine the views of UK importers on cross-border procedures conducted in 2004.

SITPRO's Report on the International Trade Single Window and the Potential Benefits to UK Business (pdf 324KB PDF Icon)

A study to quantify the benefits to UK businesses involved in International trade if the current procedures for lodging or exchanging information with Government Departments and/or Agencies relating to a consignment were to be replaced by a single electronic window.

SITPRO's Post-Implementation Review of the HM Customs & Excise New Export System (NES) (pdf 492KB PDF Icon)

A Post-Implementation Review commissioned by SITPRO to review the development and implementation of the Customs New Export System (NES). The report aims to provide guidance for related future projects, specifically implementation of HM Customs & Excise's Blueprint recommendations.

Included with the report is a response by HM Customs & Excise, containing detailed observations about the recommendations that have been made.

Reports on Importation of Goods Subject to Animal or Plant Health Regimes

Two reports from the Local Authorities Coordinators of Better Regulation about current Animal and Plant Health legislation and traders concerns related to this issue.

Report on the use of Demand Guarantees in the UK (pdf 75KB PDF Icon)

This report, detailing SITPRO's research into the use of Demand Guarantees, looks at the results of SITPRO's 2003 survey and makes recommendations on how problems can be avoided by both traders and banks. A SITPRO briefing on Demand Guarantees can be found in the Trade Briefings section of the SITPRO website.

Report on the Use of Export Letters of Credit 2001/2002
Webpage version or PDF version (295KB PDF Icon)

The results of SITPRO's research into the use of Export Letters of Credit, including information about frequently occurring mistakes and demonstrated best practice. SITPRO briefings, Letters of Credit - An Introduction and Letters of Credit - Best Practice can be found in the Trade Briefings section of the SITPRO website, together with SITPRO's set of three Letter of Credit Checklists and Guides.

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