SITPRO NEWS Trade Facilitation Now!

Over the summer, SITPRO's helpdesk has been busy answering traders export queries, taking around four hundred calls encompassing a variety of issues. As always, there were lots of calls on the usual popular subjects such as Dangerous Goods Notes, Letters of Credit and general export documentation. However, there was a noticeable increase in the number of calls about the C88/SAD export declaration and from companies trading outside the EU for the first time.

However, just as interesting as the procedures discussed with callers are the products that they are exporting. Over the last few months we have helped traders moving items ranging from works of art to vintage cars, while unusual foodstuffs that we have been asked about have included avocado oil and scallop meat. Additionally, while most of the calls to our helpdesk are about goods being sold internationally, some items only leave the country for a short time. Enquiries about moving exhibition stands are commonplace, but recently we have also helped with the temporary export of equipment for a photo-shoot in Croatia.

SITPRO offers all this advice free-of-charge and our Helpdesk Advisers, Aileen and Nina, are always happy to help people who call us on 020 7215 8150. Additionally, our guides for traders, which can be downloaded from our website or collected in person at one of the events we attend, such as the International Trade Forum in Bristol this December.

Finally, at least one company was clearly ahead of the game, as we received a call in July asking for help with exporting Christmas decorations to Australia. We are expecting calls about importing from the North Pole any day now!

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