SITPRO Simplifying International Trade

About SITPRO Structure

Originally known as The Simpler Trade Procedures Board, SITPRO was set up in 1970 as the UK's trade facilitation agency. It was reconstituted as a company limited by guarantee in April 2001, SITPRO is one of the Non-Departmental Public Bodies for which the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) External Link Icon has responsibility. It is primarily funded by a grant-in-aid from the Department.

SITPRO's work is guided by a Board of Directors, an Advisory Council and a network of Policy Advisory Groups. At any time there are about 100 executives and specialists taking part in this work. SITPRO's ability to obtain this voluntary support and guidance is essential for both its research and development and promotional roles.

SITPRO was most recently reviewed by its sponsors in 2007, when they concluded in the summary of their findings that SITPRO is "a small organisation which is operating effectively and is being managed professionally". Central to the evidence presented to the review team was a submission from SITPRO's Board outlining SITPRO's successes and ambitions. A version of this submission has since been published as SITPRO: The 21st Century Trade Faciliation Agency (pdf 596KB PDF Icon).

In addition to its relationship with BIS, SITPRO has strong links with other government departments including:

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