SITPRO Simplifying International Trade

SITPRO Limited is widely recognised as the world's leading trade facilitation body and for more almost 40 years has been at the vanguard of efforts to make international trade easier. Its focus is the procedures and documentation associated with international trade.

SITPRO’s primary objectives are to reduce the costs of trading, particularly to business, and to help the UK meet the challenges of globalisation. Its activities range from ‘grass roots’ problem-solving on behalf of UK businesses to high-level policy input in support of broad government and business objectives in the worldwide trade facilitation domain.

SITPRO's mission is to Make International Trade Easier by:

SITPRO's current activities are grouped into four key themes:

Further information about SITPRO's current strategic objectives can be found in the Five Year Strategy (pdf 1.39MB PDF Icon) and the latest Business Plan. A report on the previous year's achievements and activities can be found in the Annual Review. Also available on this website are SITPRO's Annual Report and Accounts.