Sustainability and Renewable Energy Seminar

Yorkshire Forward is committed to a policy of creating a lower carbon economy and our market towns can play a vital role in this. To help inspire our market towns a range of case studies were presented at our sustainability seminar together with providing some practical guidance. The seminar was held at Gibson Mill where numerous sustainable technologies to make the building self sufficient were introduced when the building was restored. For more information on the transformation of Gibson Mill please click here.

In our region, the Settle Hydro project is the first of its kind, a community owned hydro power plant generating electricity to sell to the national grid with the returns financing renaissance projects in the town. Outside of the region Ashton Hayes is a village dedicated to going carbon neutral and they have received nationwide publicity. Watch their film below.

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Providing guidance on sustainable technologies Community Energy Solutions are a not for profit organisation committed to widening fuel choices. More information on these projects can be found in the related documents box.