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Help for people working in local authorities

Sustainable Places (formerly Sustainable Cities) gives expert advice on planning, designing and managing a sustainable place. It includes clear priorities for action alongside guidance on effective leadership for your town or city.

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Advice and examples

Mix and match themes and spatial scales to create your own list of design advice and good examples.


  • Trees in the city of London.No trees, no future

    25 August 2010
    As towns and cities become wetter and warmer as a result of climate change, trees are increasingly important to the places where we live. With their numbers in decline, we need to act now to preserve adequate levels of tree coverage.

  • Green Day 2010 – learning how to save energy in the boiler room of Henry Moore Primary School, Essex.Inspiring schools

    28 July 2010
    Making a school sustainable is partly about the smart application of technology. But it’s also about the ethos and ambitions of a school.

  • Singapore. Photo by William Cho.Blue planet or green globe?

    13 July 2010
    Inspirational examples of how villages, towns and cities around the world are becoming greener and cleaner.

  • Peter Headicar and Marcial Echenique. Does high density development make travel more sustainable?

    26 May 2010
    Two experts on transport planning, Peter Headicar and Marcial Echenique, tell us what they think about the role of spatial planning in encouraging more sustainable travel.

  • The previous Sustainable Cities website.Improving the Sustainable Places website

    25 May 2010
    We have updated the design, layout and functionality of Sustainable Places to make it easier for you to find advice that is relevant to your job.

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