The Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] supports world-class research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity.

From ancient history and heritage science to modern dance and digital content.

Research into these subjects helps us to interpret our experiences, probe our identities, interrogate our cultural assumptions and understand our historical, social, economic and political context. It adds to the economic success of the UK, through its contributions to the knowledge economy and innovation agenda. The research we fund can lead to improvements in social and intellectual capital, community identity, learning skills, technological evolution and the quality of life of the nation.

News & Events

AHRC Supported Film to Premiere at Venice Film Festival

Robinson in Ruins, the latest film to come from Patrick Keiller, research fellow at the Royal College of Art, London, will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 4th.

Beaker Isotope project featured on ‘Digging for Britain’

An archaeological research project funded by the AHRC has been featured on the BBC2 programme ‘Digging for Britain’.

Talking about a Paperback Revolution

The Penguin Archive Project, a four-year project begun in May 2008 with a grant from the AHRC, is featured in a Radio 4 documentary on the history of Penguin Books presented by children's author Michael Morpurgo.

New Appointments to the AHRC

David Willetts, Minister for Universities & Science, has announced the appointment of four new independent academic members to the governing body, the Council, of the AHRC.

Threads of Feeling

A new and highly emotive exhibition entitled ‘Threads of Feeling’ in which fabric swatches from the 18th Century tell stories of mothers and babies parting is opening at the London’s Foundling Museum thanks to funding from the AHRC.

UK Takes Lion’s Share of EU Research Funding

The bulk of a new research scheme being funded by the EU has gone to UK researchers in part thanks to the work of the AHRC.

Domesday book details now available freely online

Tracing the history of English villages has become simpler for everyone thanks to a new online database, funded by the AHRC, that helps map out records from the Domesday Book.

London Guildhall: cradle of English Literature

Two AHRC researchers at the University of York have found evidence that the London Guildhall served as the cradle of English Literature in the late Middle Ages.

Latest update following AHRC move to Swindon

AHRC Chief Executive Professor Rick Rylance has this week sent a letter to all University Vice-Chancellors updating them on the latest AHRC developments following its recent move to Swindon.

New report highlights opportunities in India

A major new report has been published that offers arts and humanities researchers in the UK a chance to better understand the potential funding and collaborative opportunities available to them in India.

AHRC awards over £10m

The latest awards for the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Research Grants (Standard and Early Career) scheme have just been made.

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

A major new project exploring the changing fashion trends in Europe from the Renaissance to the late 18th century has secured a grant of nearly €1m from HERA, facilitated in the UK by the AHRC.

Voices from the Old Bailey

The AHRC-funded ‘Old Bailey Online’ continues to inspire programme makers, extracts from the gripping court cases of the Old Bailey Court are being dramatised for the general public thanks to a new Radio 4 series.


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