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School inspection: an evaluation

This report presents an internal evaluation of the first two terms of the new arrangements for the inspection of maintained schools, which were implemented in September 2005. Ofsted sought the opinions of headteachers, teachers, parents, pupils, governors and local authorities. Respondents were generally positive about the new system. Nine out of 10 headteachers were content with their inspection reports and the great majority agreed that inspectors had identified the right issues for action and provided a clear agenda for improvement.

The report will be of particular interest to schools, local authorities, the Department for Education and Skills and parents.

  • 21 Jul 2006
  • Ref 2373
  • Ofsted

School inspections - research study for Ofsted by Ipsos MORI 2006

Please download the Word document and pdf.

This report presents the findings of a parental survey. The objectives of the research were to ascertain levels of satisfaction with the recent reduction in the notice period given to schools before an official inspection by Ofsted, and to assess perceptions of the usefulness of inspections, the helpfulness of inspection reports and views on the likely impact of inspections on school performance.

  • 24 Oct 2006
  • Ref 20060001
  • Ofsted

School inspectors' letters to pupils: lessons learned and ways forward

The new Ofsted inspection framework, implemented in September 2005, introduced to school inspection reports a letter to pupils which provides them with a summary of the main findings of the report. In 2006, Ofsted conducted a survey on the impact of these letters, based on evidence collected from questionnaires, telephone interviews and school visits.
The report will be of particular interest to schools, local authorities, professional associations, parents and pupils.

  • 21 Jul 2006
  • Ref 2376
  • Ofsted

Schools' use of temporary teachers

In the academic year 2001/02, Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI) visited a sample of 93 primary, secondary and special schools to inspect the recruitment and deployment of temporary teachers, the support provided for them and how they affect pupils and permanent staff in the schools. The schools represented a range of sizes and social and economic contexts; the proportion of pupils who were entitled to free meals ranged from below 1% to over 80%.

  • 16 Dec 2002
  • Ref 503
  • Ofsted

Specialist schools: an evaluation of progress

The survey had three purposes:

  • to identify the impact the specialist schools programme is having on attainment and the quality of provision in the designated schools;
  • to evaluate how schools are managing their role,including their role in relation to other local schools and the wider community;and
  • to illustrate good practice and highlight factors accounting for it.
  • 09 Oct 2001
  • Ref 327
  • Ofsted

Speech by David Bell HMCI: a 21st-century curriculum for 14-19 year olds

This speech was made to the Texas Lyceum Association at the 25th Anniversary Conference on 7 October 2005.

  • 12 Oct 2005
  • Ofsted

Speech by David Bell HMCI: What makes a college successful?

This speech was given by David Bell HMCI at the annual conference of the Principals' Professional Council (PPC) on 15 September 2005.

  • 15 Sep 2005
  • Ofsted

Speech by Maurice Smith HMCI: maximising impact

This speech was given by Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, Maurice Smith, at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham, on 30 March 2006.

  • 05 Apr 2006
  • Ofsted

Speech by Maurice Smith HMCI: reception for outstanding schools and colleges

This speech was delivered at the reception for headteachers and principals of outstanding schools and colleges 2004/05 at the Lowry in Manchester on 25 January 2005.

  • 31 Jan 2006
  • Ofsted

Speech by Maurice Smith HMCI: the first term of the new inspection arrangements

This is the of Maurice Smith HMCI's speech delivered at the Lowry Centre, Manchester.

  • 25 Jan 2006
  • Ofsted