IPCC Resources

This section provides a variety of information about the IPCC, for example how it is run, its expenditure, the work that it does behind the scenes to understand complaints and the agencies that it works with to deliver the complaints system.

Reports and guidelines
Corporate reports and plans
Guidelines and papers
Significant external reports
IPCC responses to inquiries
Investigation reports

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Research and statistics
Public confidence in the complaints system
Police-related RTIs
Police custody and mental health
Deaths following police contact
Near-miss research
Local Resolution of complaints
Police complaints statistics
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Working with other agencies
IPCC Protocols and agreements with other agencies

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Themes in IPCC work
Mental health and policing
The IPCC and diversity
Stop and search

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Learning the lessons
Information about the IPCC’s membership of the Learning the Lessons Committee
Learning the Lessons website

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Single equality scheme
Race, disability and gender equality schemes

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Discrimination guidelines
Guidelines can now be found on the IPCC Statutory Guidance website

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Welsh language scheme
How the IPCC delivers its services in Welsh

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Data protection
Data protection policies

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Freedom of information
What is FOI?
The IPCC information charter

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Current consultations
Expired consultations

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Useful links
Victim Support and Campaigns
Local organisations
Mental health
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Publication scheme
More information about the IPCC, its expenditure and policies and procedures

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