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One of the main priorities for the NHS Institute is to accelerate the achievement of world class commissioning. It has developed, and is continuing to work with primary care trusts to improve, a number of products that focus on the world class commissioning competencies.

We offer a number of bespoke programmes to support commissioners. Visit implementation support to see how we can help you.Developing a Compact – A brief guide for commissioners - AVAILABLE NOW

Developing a compact

A Compact is a local agreement that pro-actively shapes the relationship between clinical commissioners and partner organisations. ‘Developing a Compact – A brief guide for Clinical Commissioners’ is aimed at commissioners and GP Consortia to give guidance for putting a compact together in the most effective and efficient way. Click here to read more and  download the Developing a Compact guide
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Project delivery for commissioners guide  - AVAILABLE NOW

Project delivery for commissioners

Project delivery for commissioner - Accelerating the achievement of World Class Commissioning – A guide for commissioning managers is now available to order for free to NHS England staff. Click here to get your copy of Project Delivery for Commissioners

. Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities for practice based commissioners – resources offering practical support - AVAILABLE NOW

Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities builds on the Department of Health’s vision to empower clinicians to commission the best services for their patients. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement shares our commitment to support practice based commissioners to deliver better health, better care and better value for all.

We have three resources available for you to download which will help you to improve the quality of your local services – click here to access these.

Contact the team

If you would like to contact the commissioning for health improvement team please email or use this form.

For further information on world class commissioning visit the Department of Health world class commissioning website.