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2007 - 2013

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The European Social Fund is:
  • extending employment opportunities
  • developing a skilled and adaptable workforce
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can apply for ESF?

A. Any organisation public, private or third sector that is legally formed, except sole traders, that is able to deliver ESF provision can apply for funding. Individuals cannot apply for ESF.

Q. Can individuals apply for ESF?


Q. How long does the support last?

A. Projects are usually supported for up to three years

Q. How is the money paid to approved projects?

A. If you are successful in obtaining funding for a project through a Co-financing Organisation, it will agree arrangements for payment with you

Q. When can we apply?

A. You should contact Co-financing Organisations in your region for details of application rounds.

Q. I am delivering an ESF project. Where can I access guidance on publicity issues, including how to access and use the ESF logo

A. You should look at the Publicity section.

Q. Can I obtain ESF Promotional items?

A. No however ESF plaques are available free of charge to Co-financing Organisations and projects.

Q. I have a query on the ESF guidance. Where can I obtain further assistance?

A. Please follow this link to our online Co-financing Organisations guidance.

Enquiries from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

A. Each of these countries manages their own ESF programmes. Please refer to the telephone numbers and websites. Northern Ireland, Scotland - Highlands and Islands, Scotland - Lowlands and Uplands, Wales

Q. Who are the Co-financing Organisations in my region?

A. Please follow this link to Co-financing Organisations and click on your region.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. If you are delivering a regional or local ESF project or you want to know more about ESF at a regional or local level please contact your Co-financing Organisations.