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To find an inspection report, enter the name of the provider - for example 'Westminster City School' - into the search box and press search. If you know the Unique Reference Number (URN) - for example '101153' - you can search using that. You can also search using any part of the provider's address, such as the first part of its postcode - 'NW1'. For their security, we don't publish addresses for children's homes, childminders, home childcarers or childcare on domestic premises. Please search by their URN only.

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What is an inspection report?

An inspector's findings are published in a report, together with basic information about the provider. An inspection report provides information about the effectiveness of the provider's work, tells you what the provider does well, and contains recommendations about what the provider should do to improve further.

How do I find an inspection report?

If you are looking for a particular provider and know its name or Unique Reference Number (URN) use the quick search on the left.

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Why are inspection reports useful?

When it comes to choosing childcare, a school or adult learning, for example, it is important to have as much information as possible. Our inspection reports are comprehensive and impartial to help you make an informed decision.