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How to search for jobs on the Civil Service website

There are two types of search that you can perform when looking for a job. We've included some tips below on both the basic and advanced search functions to help you find your ideal job.

Basic search

The basic search allows you to pick two keywords to search against, select a salary range (from £xx to £xx) and also choose a region to concentrate your search in. You can select multiple regions if you want by holding the "Ctrl" key and clicking on the values you want. If you accidentaly select more than you want just click on it again while still holding the "Ctrl" key to unselect it.

There is no "weighting" or preference given to these fields and you do not need to complete any of them if you do not want to. This will of course return far more jobs though.

Advanced search

The advanced search provides you the chance to further tailor your search to return more precise results. It allows you the same options as the basic search above plus:

  • The option to choose an "AND" / "OR" operation between your choosen keywords. If you choose "AND" it will return results that feature both of the keywords you have choosen. If you choose "OR" it will return results that contain either of your keywords.

  • Select grade(s) so only jobs that are of the grade(s) you are interested in are returned. As with other fields you can select multiple values here by holding "Ctrl" and clicking on any grades you are interested in. 

  • Choose a "Field of work" that best suits what you are looking for. If you would like a job in administration then select this as the field of work to only return jobs available that fit this criteria.

  • You can now also choose to search only against jobs from specific departments. So if you have always wanted to work in Foreign and Commonwealth Office you can just search against jobs that we have in that department. Multiple departments can be searched against by holding the "Ctrl" key and selecting the ones you are interested in.