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My Role in Change

Support for Your Role in Delivering Change

Not everyone is a specialist in Change Management techniques and terminology, but in today's NHS you will increasingly be involved in major programmes of change. Senior staff, whether in Clinical, managerial, commissioning or other roles, need to clearly understand how to deliver new levels of service through effective leadership of change initiatives.

This section of the ISIP site connects you directly to the ISIP resources designed to help you. Select the role most closely aligned to your own to open a summary of materials relevant to your needs.

Chief Executive

As a Chief Executive, ISIP can help you decide which services to change and how to be aware of the implications of any changes. The ISIP approach can also help you ensure that current guidelines and targets are included in your change programmes and show you how to involve other stakeholders in your programmes. [More]


As a Commissioner, ISIP can help you to drive service improvement through the commissioning process. ISIP can show you how others have defined programmes to meet targets, and transform services. [More]

Senior Responsible Owner

As a Senior Responsible Owner within the programme, ISIP can help you define your responsibilities and ensure that your programme has an appropriate governance framework in place. ISIP can also help you define the limits and goals of the change programme and show you how to involve others. [More]

Clinical Lead

As a Clinical Lead, ISIP can help you define the need to change and show you how others have defined goals for their change programmes and achieved them. The ISIP approach can also help you involve other members of your clinical team and provide you with useful tools to help you implement major improvements in services to patients. [More]

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