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The Spending Challenge is your chance to shape the way government works and help get more for less as we tackle the deficit.  The next phase of the Spending Challenge is now open to the public to get your ideas and opinions as tax payers and users of services

The first phase of the Spending Challenge was open to people who work in the public sector, to get their professional insights and views on everything from how to cut back on wasteful spending to how to radically change the way services are provided. The response has been overwhelming with over 60,000 ideas in just two weeks.

We have put together an anonymised sample of the ideas coming through. They range from how we can save money and the environment by cutting back on publications and printing, to how we need to stop unnecessary spending of budgets at year end in a “spend it or lose it” culture. The ideas are imaginative and thought provoking. Not all are easy to implement but everyone single one will be considered, and the best ones will be taken forward.

The second phase of the Spending Challenge has now been launched and is open to the whole public. We have already received thousands of good ideas and we’re committed to giving as many of you as possible the chance to have your say  and feed into the tough decisions that must be made in the Spending Review.  You can submit your ideas for improving public services through the Spending Challenge website. The Spending Challenge website has been subject to a small number of malicious attacks so we have unfortunately had to disable interactive features for now , but we'll still keen to hear any further ideas you have which we may publish at later date.

In addition, Ministers will be getting out to hear your opinions and ideas first hand. These conversations will be shaped by the comments and suggestions made online in the Spending Challenge, so if you have an idea - don’t hesitate, let us know and help shape the tough decisions that need to be made.

Spending Review 2010

In 'The Spending Review Framework', the Government published details of the process and principles that will underpin the Spending Review., This will be published on Wednesday 20 October 2010 and will set out spending plans for the years 2011-12 to 2014-15.

Last year, Britain had the largest deficit in peacetime history and the highest in the G7 and G20. If this rate of borrowing is allowed to continue, it could threaten the UK’s economic stability. It could lead to higher interest rates, tax rises and less money for services such as schools, hospitals and policing.

The Government has said that reducing the deficit is the most urgent issue facing Britain today. That is why it has committed to a significant acceleration in the reduction of the deficit over the course of this Parliament.

The Spending Review Framework announced the formation of the Public Expenditure (PEX) Cabinet Committee to advise the Cabinet on the high-level decisions during the Spending Review. Alongside this, it also announced that there would be an officials committee at Permanent Secretary level, chaired by the Cabinet Secretary and the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, to build the Government’s collective understanding of the issues, ensure support for the overall principles and approach and discuss cross cutting issues.

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