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NOMS has been restructured to join up prison and probation headquarters as part of the reorganisation of the Ministry of Justice. This website will remain live but will no longer be updated. Up to date information about NOMS can now be found on the Ministry of Justice website.

About us

Service providers

At the heart of the NOMS' vision is better alignment of organisations that provide services for offenders.

The two public sector service providers for offender management are:

HMPS has a duty is to look after offenders, to do so with humanity and to help offenders lead law-abiding and useful lives in custody and after release.

Each year the National Probation Service commences the supervision of some 175,000 offenders. The caseload on any given day is in excess of 200,000.

In the early 1990s privately managed prisons were introduced into the UK. At present there are 11 private prisons contractually operated and managed by private sector organisations.

Who provides offender management services?

A vibrant mix of provider organisations, all with different strengths are working with offenders, including more than 1,100 organisations who are already funded by NOMS.

They work in this challenging sector because they want to make a positive difference to our society. We need service providers with this common purpose to work closely across organisational boundaries on reducing re-offending and help us to protect the public.  

To succeed in this challenging work, we need all providers to play to their strengths. Small local providers and large national providers all make key contributions. For NOMS to succeed, we need to unlock the full potential of not just our public sector providers but also providers and potential providers from the voluntary, community and private sectors.

NOMS will look to all sectors and ensure the best available services are provided. We will work with those services that are most effective in making our communities safer by reducing re-offending, managing offenders and protecting the public.

Extending the range of providers

The NOMS commissioning environment will extend the range of providers already delivering services. Providers from the private, voluntary and community sectors will help us deliver services to punish, support and reform offenders.