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Science, research and statistics

Home Office Scientific Development Branch

The Home Office Scienctific Development Branch is made up of scientists and engineers who develop technological solutions to fight crime.

Archived websites

If you are looking for information held on the HOSDB section of the website site prior to 7 May 2010, you can now find it on the archived version of the Home Office website (new window) (new window) kept by The National Archives.

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch website (new window) has also been archived by the National Archives. 

About the Home Office Scienctific Development Branch

We also provide advice and operational support to the Home Office, and its agencies and partners.

Our innovations help detect fingerprints at crime scenes and conduct surveillance operations and scan for drugs and explosives.

Police protective equipment database

We produce a searchable database of police protective equipment (new window) that meets our standards.

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