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Emergency Response and Recovery

This guidance aims to establish good practice based on lessons identified from responding to and recovering from emergencies, both in the UK and internationally. It accompanies Emergency Preparedness which provides guidance on how to implement the CCA regime (this includes guidance on risk assessment, emergency and business continuity planning, communicating with the public, co-ordination, information sharing and for Local Authorities only business continuity promotion). The Emergency Response and Recovery guidance aims to further develop:

The latest downloadable version of this guidance is available here [PDF 349 pages, 1.4MB]. This was last updated on the 05 April 2010. The changes made to this document reflect the learning, since version 1, published in November 2005. A consultation report [PDF 12 pages, 215KB] which summarises the response to the March/ April 2009 Emergency Response and Recovery consultation and outlines our response.

Intended Audience

Whilst Emergency Preparedness is aimed principally at civil protection professionals, Emergency Response and Recovery is likely to be useful to all staff of responder agencies, in particular senior officers or managers who may become involved in emergency response and recovery work. It is intended to be a stand-alone briefing document that can be used for training purposes in advance of emergencies and for reference purposes during emergencies.

This guidance is primarily aimed at an English and Welsh audience. While this guidance does describe emergency response and recovery arrangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland, it does so for context-setting purposes only. This guidance is relevant to both England and Wales unless otherwise stated.

What does the guidance cover?

The guidance covers the following topics. Please click on each link for more details. These links each provide an overall summary, a link to the relevant section in the Emergency Response and Recovery and links to relevant supporting guidance.

Future updates

To ensure the Emergency Response and Recovery guidance continues to reflect both good practice and lessons learnt it will be updated relatively frequently, as required. For practical reasons the guidance is only being published electronically and online. To ensure good version control the resilience community gateway will be used to notify the civil protection community of any updates and highlight what changes have been made.

The guidance shown on this page will always be the latest version of the document. The latest version of Emergency Response and Recovery is version 3. This was last updated in August 2009. The version number and the date each version was updated are displayed on the header of each page of the document. A version control sheet at the front of the document highlights what changes have been made to each version.

Supporting guidance

Emergency Response and Recovery is designed to compliment Emergency Preparedness. Emergency Preparedness sets out how the duties under the Civil Contingencies Act – 2004 (CCA) and its supporting Regulations (Regulations) should be implemented. Emergency Response and Recovery focuses on practical considerations, guiding principles and good practice for effective emergency response and recovery. Further details on the CCA regime can be found: