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IAR field - Author

Mandatory: YES
Repeatable: YES

Person, group or organisation responsible for the intellectual content of the resource, with contact details and additional creators if these do not appear in the Publisher field.


Author: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Drugs & International Crime Directorate, Narcotics Division. Brian Smith, fax 020 7270 0000, email


This is often the only place on the record giving the name of the organisation responsible for the resource, so it is important to always include it.

Consistency is important if a user is to find all resources held by a given Department or Agency. Use the full official title of the organisation (as it appears in the Civil Service Yearbook.)

To enable a resource to be tracked when the division creating it has been disbanded, include the full hierarchy, e.g. department, division, section, team. If the creator is an individual, give job title and division so that when they leave their successor can be found.

Give full contact details if they are not to be given elsewhere, i.e. where the creator is different from the publisher/distributor.

Email addresses should be given in the following format:

URLs will be recognised. http://