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Confused by conflicting information on how to feed your baby? Check out our practical advice on making sure your baby gets all the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy from birth. It includes a step-by-step guide to weaning, with tips on starting them on solid foods and what foods to avoid.
mum with new born baby

First six months

Get advice about breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and when to start giving solid foods…

baby on his front

Starting solid foods

Practical tips on introducing solid foods and adding more tastes and textures…

baby and mother laughing

Foods to avoid

Find out what foods to watch out for when you’re feeding a baby under one…

baby looking up at a dandelion

Food allergies

What to do if you’re worried your baby might develop a food allergy…

baby wearing woolly hat

Drinks for babies

Get advice about what drinks are suitable for babies and what type of cup to use…