My Civil Service

My Civil Service is for everyone:

  • civil servants 
  • people interested in joining the Civil Service
  • people interested in finding out more about the Civil Service.

You can register and set up your own My Civil Service profile to access My Jobs and password-protected pages in My Networks. You can also view My Pensions and many pages in My Networks without logging in.

My Jobs

This section lets you set up a jobseekers profile. We have hundreds of jobs online every month. You can sign up to receive regular email alerts for the types of jobs that interest you. Civil servants can also use our jobshare noticeboard.

My Networks

The Civil Service has professional, regional and diversity networks. Some of the pages in this section are just for civil servants, but many can be viewed by anyone who has registered on My Civil Service. 

My Pensions

This section covers everything you need to know about Civil Service pensions. You can view these pages without logging in.

How to register

If you’re a civil servant

Make sure you register with your work email address as there are a few jobs and networks pages which are for civil servants only. If you don’t have work email, please register with your personal email address. Then ask your manager or HR department to confirm that you are a civil servant by emailing

All others

Please register with your own email address.