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Green products

Action to improve the sustainability of key products, services and materials could significantly reduce their associated environmental impacts. All products and services cause environmental impacts throughout their life cycle (from raw materials to end of life).

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The environmental impacts of products are wide-ranging and include greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and waste. Materials used in products and services are also important as they are resources which are being depleted and can create waste and pollution.

Defra has published a Progress report on sustainable products and materials (PDF 685 KB) setting out the Government’s story on sustainable products and materials. It is a progress report, and so describes what has been done and work which is already planned.

It includes a number of suggestions on the way forward, as well as questions for discussion, to stimulate debate about how Government and business can work together to reduce the impacts of products and materials across their whole lifecycle.

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Page published: 26 August 2009