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  • EnviCare
    My idea is how can we improve people awareness to care for their environment
  • Smart meetings
    Optimise meeting efficiency -- balance the need to meet face to face with minimising travel time, expense and environmental impact.
  • My Carbon House
    An online map to show my house and its CO2 emissions.
  • Real Time River Level Data
    A website with real time up to date river level Information
  • Drive a green machine
    Calculator showing cost of fuel and associated data when driving a biofuel powered car from city to city
  • Project Nirvana
    A one-stop portal for assisting people's relocation searches, including transportation, education, healthcare, social and accommodation requirements.
  • RecycleMap
    An online mapping information tool highlighting 'recycling in your area'.
  • what is within a walk
    find out all the destinations within walking distance from where you are and add others of your own choosing
  • Greentogo
    Greentogo will enable passengers to seamlessly plan and cost a total journey route in addition to lessening our carbon footprint.
  • Waste NOT : Want NOT
    Tap into the vast underdeveloped and unused resources of the UK that go to waste each year
  • Day at the beach
    A mash-up to provide safety and access information for Britain's coastal areas
  • Climate Change: House Heat Signature
    Combine high resolution satellite heat maps onto Google maps. A person looks at their house to see a heat index.
  • Quantified public transport usage justification portal.
    A website providing justification to using public transport for specific journeys in terms of time, cost and environmental damage.
  • Planning environmental improvements for homes and businesses
    The development of a website that allows better planning of home environmental improvements, such as solar panels and wind turbines.
  • How much can I save by harnessing renewable enery in my neighbourhood?
    A mapping means of showing UK citizens how much potential savings are available from renewable energies in their neighbourhood.
  • Clean Restaurants
    A mash up displaying official Trading Standards inspection scores of eating establishments within the local area.
  • Slash the fuel bill
    Sharing of vehicle location data across public organisations to identify possible shared resource opportunities.
  • City Veg
    A system to allow for usage of spare corporate, council, government and private land to produce vegetables.
  • Does it need to go to the tip?
    One man's rubbish is another's treasure. Plenty of what goes to land fill would be used by others.
  • Gaps in public transport
    Identify places which are close together physically but hours apart by bus
  • Walk to work
    Simply, a website portal to list ALL jobs/vacancies within a postcode area.
  • WreckMap
    Locations of wrecks and other underwater features.
  • How Much Do I Waste?
    Statistics on how much waste our council disposes of (land fill) and the type of waste.
  • Shipping Forecast Feed
    A feed (RSS/XML) of the latest Shipping Forecast from the Met Office.
  • Country Activity Hot Spots
    An interactive website of outdoor/countryside pursuits which can be identified by radius from a specified location.
  • EcoTrip planner
    As per a normal public transport trip planner, except it provides options for carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  • Can I recycle it?
    A website that says what can be recycled by your local council.
  • Water works resource indicator
    Compares geographical and historical rainfall data with per property water consumption, also against wastewater and the import/export of bottled water.
  • National Recycing Stations Map
    A map with details of every recycling station in the country and what they recycle
  • Cost of my Car
    Show people the cost (both financially and environmentally) of their car
  • Weather and Air Quality
    Plot the location of weather stations and air quality monitoring stations, with the latest weather conditions and air quality readings.
  • EcoWidget
    A desktop tool that allows users to enter their ecological data and get back results.
  • The Living Green Scheme
    A website that tells you how green the area your live, or want to move into is.
  • Sat Nav Fuel Efficiency
    An option to be included in SatNav software to indicate most fuel efficient routes
  • UK Allotment Asset Database
    A national mapping and resourcing tool to manage, encourage, compare and produce statistics concerning the increasing value of allotments.
  • How Green are we?
    National Comparison of Streets, Districts and Boroughs showing amount of recycling against that which is deposited in landfill sites.
  • GreenShare: Dump, Deal, or Donate
    Website that shows people where/how/when to dump, trade or give things away rather than littering the land, causing environmental problems.
  • Tainted Air Map
    Mapped data of air quality and health issues by date and diagnosis.
  • What to recycle?
    A tool to help users decide what/where/whether to recycle, and be aware of the real cost (in terms of CO2)
  • PelletBase
    PelletBase provides a free forum for providers and consumers of carbon-neutral biomass for domestic and industrial heating to communicate.
  • eco homes, buildings, villages and towns
    Map based visual service illustrating the location and status of eco homes, buildings, villages and towns.
    Aerial Threat Information Service Holistic Online Overview
  • Green Constituencies
    Showing which constituencies in the UK are greenest
  • iSore
    Map of neglected land or property.
  • Walkers Weather
    A search facility to highlight weather forecast for the next 24 hours and travel directions on getting to the location.
  • Value a View
    Putting a value on beautiful and healthy landscapes.
  • Carpool Finder
    Carpool Finder would use detailed online maps to match people's commuter routes and facilitate efficient and easy carpooling.
  • How green is my 'hood?
    Green energy production by region, green initiatives on offer and maps of waste recycling services.
    Enter your journey and travel time, to get information on greener travel options.
  • Where can I site my wind farm?
    Online mapping tool to help planners and developers determine good and bad locations to site one or more wind turbines.
  • Learning Footprint
    carbon footprints around all the schools in the country using traffic data and carbon footprint data
  • Shank's Mare 2.0
    Encouraging people to walk more over short distances by providing them with route map, time estimates and carbon savings estimates.
  • GrowGreen
    A central resource to help people to live a greener lifestyle
  • Encourage Home Working - Lower Carbon Footprint
    Have a list of companies in a scheme whereby they publicise the number of employees working from home or locally.
  • National Carbon Reducer Help and Advice System
    A site that allows people to calculate their household carbon footprint, publish results and share ideas to help reduce it.
  • Carbon Mapping
    Mapping each property with an engergy efficiency rating.
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  • 2010 New Year update
  • Polluter Finder
    Find out about and act on pollution in your area - search by pollutant, name and location.
  • WhoKnowsWho
    A service where anyone can find the immediate connections of MPs and MEPs.
  • Free Car Checks
    Help consumers to avoid buying fraudulent or stolen cars
  • Responcity
    A service to allow ordinary people to find out who is responsible for anything from roads to dental regulation.

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