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  • 2010 New Year update
  • 'Let Me be Involved'
    Connect citizens to their MP's by allowing the community to set the agenda on priority problems and to see responses.
  • Parents Helper
    A website that brings together all information that a parent could possible need to help provide the
  • Neighbourhood Watch Widget
    Making neighbourhood watch groups more effective by improving communications between members themselves and the police service.
  • Structured Feedback
    What do people think about someone
  • Clean up my neighbourhood
    Interactive map allowing residents to indicate locations of vandalism, flytipping, potholes, faulty streetlights etc
  • IM Intelligent
    An instant messaging service on the homepage of each government website providing customer help regarding the answers to questions.
  • Crime tips
    Through IP to Location conversion technology users can be targeted with ads for wanted criminals/fugitives in their area.
  • Eye on Land.
    A spatial based anonymous enforcement and planning success reporting site.
  • Local Business Finder and rater
    You enter your postcode and a Google map displays icons for local businesses with customer ratings.
  • Online UK Awareness
    A website where you can create/publish/email presentations related to public data.
  • Real-time consumer confidence indicator
    Don't wait for the latest Gallup or media led poll, this desktop application feeds a real-time national barometer.
  • Railway Users Feedback portal
    A single online page for all feedback on the UK rail service
  • The Widget Factory
    Getting Government Information and Services closer to citizens through existing websites serving communities of location and interest.
  • Our Say - Our Lives
    Website for young people to voice their opinions and gain information about health services, crime, child protection, leisure and education.
  • Map-based Citizens' Engagement Tool
    A system of map-based democracy and community engagement.
  • Time4Change
    List what changes you want to see happen in your area, society, borough, services etc and set a time frame.
  • My Government and Services
    Enter your address/postcode to get the contact details of YOUR local representatives (MP, Councillors ..) and locally managed services.
  • Community Connector Portal
    Providing a single portal for citizens to request help for community, regional, national issues, ask for information, or propose solutions.
  • Your Thoughts
    Giving the public the chance to voice their thoughts, fears, worries and perceptions on issues in their area.
  • Fill That Hole
    A central, easy-to-use web site where cyclists and motorists can report road defects that cause hazards, such as potholes.
  • OmniBus
    A tool to help communities petition for changes to & the creation of entirely new bus routes, stops & timetables.
  • How Does This Affect Me
    User creates profile of self. Website provides ongoing details of how changes in government data affect them.
  • Perception versus reality
    My idea is to compare subjective views with objective data to understand the real issues and influence effective public investment
  • The Pothole Reward Scheme
    A simple way to improve the roads, reduce unnecessary damage to vehicles/underground pipes and also reward good citizenship.
  • Vandalsnapper
    Residents log vandalism by forwarding geo-tagged picture messages from their mobile phones.
  • Sensible Spending Website
    A website that allows people to suggest how/where public money can be more efficiently spent.
  • Neighborhood Watch Online (Or Pimp my Steet)
    Real time reporting problems where people live. Roads, pathways, floods, sewage and lighting, noise, and crime reporting
    Public driven database of road faults (specifically worn/damaged roads) information reviewed and sent to local authority for fixing.
  • Rate My Healthcare
    A service that offers the public a unique way at rating hospital quality before opting to go there for treatment
  • FixMyTransport
    A site where people with shared public transport problems could come together to get things improved
  • Rate My Bus
    Complaining about bus service isn't easy. Wouldn't it be great to send complaints (or praise) to the bus company online?
  • Write to your Ambassador (or) Foreign Office 2.0
    Get the FCO to free up data on Foreign Representatives for more innovative communication and help human rights causes!
  • Submit Your Idea

About This Site

The Power of Information Taskforce is helping government become more open, transparent and effective through better use of published information.

This competition is asking for your help in developing better ways to publish the vast swathes of non-personal information that the government collects & creates on your behalf

Public data is your data. Tell us what you'd build with it and you could win £20k to develop your idea to the next level.

Latest Ideas

  • 2010 New Year update
  • Polluter Finder
    Find out about and act on pollution in your area - search by pollutant, name and location.
  • WhoKnowsWho
    A service where anyone can find the immediate connections of MPs and MEPs.
  • Free Car Checks
    Help consumers to avoid buying fraudulent or stolen cars
  • Responcity
    A service to allow ordinary people to find out who is responsible for anything from roads to dental regulation.

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