Strategic objectives

The AJTC will focus first and foremost on the needs of users.

The AJTC will keep under review and influence the development of
administrative justice and tribunals through:

  • giving authoritative and principled advice and guidance to government, the Tribunals Service and others within the administrative justice system on changes to legislation, practices and procedures to improve the working of administrative justice, tribunals and inquiries, including a framework of generally applicable principles;
  • exploring and promoting the scope for new approaches to dispute resolution;
  • seeking to build up influence over forthcoming legislation, in particular in advance of publication;
  • recognising and responding to the diverse needs and circumstances of users, by applying effective monitoring arrangements and being alert to emerging issues;
  • raising awareness of the different approaches within the UK legal systems.

The AJTC will keep under review the work of the Tribunals Service, the
tribunals within it and other tribunals:

  • offering advice and assistance on wider policy issues that complement the Tribunals Service’s own work programme or otherwise affect tribunals;
  • commenting from time to time on Tribunals Service priorities, standards and performance measures;
  • monitoring progress and performance of tribunals against common standards and performance measures.

The AJTC will respond authoritatively to emerging issues and proposals that affect or involve administrative justice, tribunals and inquiries more generally:

  • identifying and responding to perceived needs and current/prospective concerns in relation to all aspects of administrative justice;
  • identifying priorities for, and encouraging the conduct of, relevant research;
  • monitoring the relationships between first instance decision makers, ombudsmen, tribunals and the courts to ensure they are clear, complementary and flexible;
  • promoting the accessibility of administrative justice and tribunals to users through open, fair and impartial procedures and high quality, user friendly information and advice;
  • employing a range of communication methods to give an account of its work and disseminate its views.


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