AJTC Conference, 12 November 2009

(29 October 2009)

Confirmations for the AJTC Conference at One Great George Street were dispatched on 26 October.

Delegate confirmation letters for the AJTC Conference at One Great George Street on 12th November were dispatched by post on 26 October. All those who responded to the original invites, or who were nominated by or in place of their colleagues, are registered as delegates. A copy of the letter sent out together with an outline programme and information about the venue are attached below.

If you have an interest in Adminstrative Justice and would like to attend the conference, which is free of charge, please contact Sara Ogilvie or Simon Butterworth on 020 7855 5200.

Letter (MS Word 110kb)

Programme (MS Word 140kb)

Information Sheet (PDF 106kb)


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