NHS National Appeal Panel for Entry to the Pharmaceutical Lists Scotland

See considerations and notes on terminology.

Statutory Basis: Part 2 of Sch.4 to the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical Services) (Scotland) Regulations 1995

Description: Considers appeals against decisions taken by Pharmacy Practices Committees in relation to applications for entry to the Pharmaceutical List, or for major relocation of premises from which pharmaceutical services are provided.

Jurisdiction: Scotland only

Website: www.shsc.scot.nhs.uk/shsc/default.asp?p=125


Statistical data for 2009 Calendar Year

Judicial Pool: 42 (2 Chairs, 40 members)

Days Sat: 20

Receipts: 40

Withdrawn: 13

Decided: 20

Outstanding: 10

Success Rate: n/a

Oral Hearings: 50%

Waiting Times: 16 weeks form receipt to hearing, 5 days from hearing to dispatch of written decision.



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