Reserve Forces Appeal Tribunals

See considerations and notes on terminology.

Statutory Basis: Section 88 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996

Description: To hear appeals from Reservists against decisions by an Adjudication Officer of the Armed Services regarding exemption, deferral or financial assistance.

Jurisdiction: UK-wide


Statistical data for 2008/09 Financial Year

Judicial Pool: *

Days Sat: 4

Receipts: 10

Withdrawn: 4

Decided: 4

Outstanding: 4

Success Rate: 25%

Oral Hearings: 100%

Waiting Times: 8 weeks to hearing, 21 days to dispatch of written decision

Notes: These figures are for England and Wales. The tribunal sits in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There was no activity in Scotland during the reporting period.
*Recent changes to the membership of this tribunal mean no accurate figures for this field are currently available.



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