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David Miliband
(Archived), London

Somalia: Search for a Political Solution

Posted 29 July 2009 by David Miliband  |  8 comments

Anyone who wants to know what is at stake in Somalia - one of the great and dangerous ungoverned spaces in the world - should read this excellent article.

President Sharif has one of the toughest jobs in the world. The violence and bloodshed, never mind underdevelopment, is hugely challenging. I am clear that the Ethiopians took the right decision to leave in January, but President Sharif now needs strong support, as I argued in Oxford in May.

David Miliband
29 July 2009

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>> Sir, bloodshed and violence are the characteristics of under-developed, unmanaged and divided...<<
Prabhat Misra
01 August 2009

>> Sir, the article on Somalia by Harun Hassan [ Somalia: between violence and hope. ] is really...<<
Prabhat Misra
03 August 2009

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>> Sir, bloodshed and violence are the characteristics of under-developed, unmanaged and divided society guided by selfish leadership. Somalia, can be a good nation with love, peace and unity by supporting the dedicated national leadership and giving financial and skilled help to the right hands. For this world community should come forward.[ Prabhat Misra, blog: ] <<

Prabhat Misra
01 Aug 2009

>> Sir, the article on Somalia by Harun Hassan [ Somalia: between violence and hope. ] is really telling the reality about the Somalian insurgency. Somalis are facing the toughest humanity violence. The actual solution exist in the parliamentary form of government, after disarming militia. World community should organise the meetings of peace-supporting leaders and must give humanitarian assistance to the grass-root level in the right hands. Really this is a tough job but not impossible. [ Prabhat Misra, blog: ] <<

Prabhat Misra
03 Aug 2009

>> Somalia is facing humanitarian and basic needs crisis. Nobody is listening the voice of people; their voices have been suppressed by militia leaders. The first target of world community should be to disarm the militia and provide basic needs to the citizens coz there is no place of violence for love, peace and unity. Then, the second target should be to invite all the peace loving leaders to frame the basic infrastructural plan for the united Somalia. The world community should support the peace process and provide financial help also. [ Prabhat Misra, blog: ]. <<

Prabhat Misra
06 Aug 2009

>> Thanks for the recommendation on the article. I had no idea of the scale of injustice that these people are facing. I definitely think the first target of the world should be to disarm the militia and provide basic needs to the citizens. <<

12 Aug 2009

>> Sir, you are really doing the marvelous job for the humanity. Leaders like you can initiate good humanitarian changes in the world. [ Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., India. ] <<

Prabhat Misra
14 Aug 2009

>> Dear David, first of all my full respect to you for writing reports about countries which were normally left behind in the mass media because they are not interesting/important for their readers and for the business.However, I do full agree to you that President Sharif of Somalia has one of the hardest jobs worldwide.To be honest, I also don't have a "Masterplan-Receipt"of how we, the EU and the UN can solve this serious problem in Re. of these disgusting pirates,the Warlords or the criminal militia leaders.Within this context,Mr.Prabhat Misra,#3, is totally right by writing that "Nobody is listening the voice of people"and calls for a"Disarming of the militia". So I also think,according to your speech in Oxford,that PM Sharif should receive any kind of support which is possible.Just to avoid another humanitarian disaster in Africa. Best Wishes, Ingo-Steven Wais <<

Ingo Steven Wais
25 Aug 2009

>> Sir, these days many countries are fighting with the problem of terrorism- the SHAME ON HUMANITY. Our scientists are discovering the new technologies to fight with terrorism. Our current GENETIC ENGINEERING reasearch should also be upon studying the GENOME and BIOCHEMISTRY of the terrorists and after collecting datas from them, these datas should be compared with the peace loving peoples. After such exercises done, our scientists should develop a remote sensing technology to detect the terrorists from far. Such a technology will be helpfull in fighting with the terrorists. In the current situation, only a big 'DIRECT ACTION' against terrorists, is the solution for establishing peace in Somalia. After disarming militia, peace process should be started. Thanks to Ingo-Steven Wais for supporting my view. Really, Miliband sir is doing the real job for humanity by raising the problem of Somalia. Thanks SIR. [Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., India] <<

Prabhat Misra
26 Aug 2009

>> Dear Mr Miliband, I applaud you to have taken the time to write about Somalia and what could be done to stop this ongoing lawlessness and suffering of the ordinary people. I am a British/Somali who graduated in Britain, working in Britain but still longing the times where Somalia could resume some sort of normality where we can take Bristish - Somali relationship to a new height. The quest for Political Solution in Somalia is not as hard as it seems, it requires Planning; Financial Support and most importantly COMMON SENSE from Somalis themselves. Department for International Development alongside your Department could have influence in foreign donors to direct any support in engaging Somali intellectuals abroad to return to their homeland and help the rebuilding of Somalia. But this must be planned properly and supported financially so it is not another botched attemp of reconciliation in which same people return to power and continue the same old fashioned way. <<

Abdullahi Hamud
01 Feb 2010

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