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Latest deployment statistics and information

NHS Connecting for Health deployment statistics (for w/c 3 March 2010)

Choose and Book

  • Over 20 million patients have been referred through Choose and Book, which improves choice and convenience for patients needing a hospital or clinic appointment
  • More than 22 million bookings (22,725,621) have been made to date.
  • Choose and Book has achieved over 37,000 bookings in a single day.
  • Choose and Book is being used for around 58% of NHS referral activity from GP surgery to first outpatient appointment.
  • Over 90% of all GP practices have used Choose and Book to refer their patients to hospital in the last week

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

  • Over 300 million (306,774,292) prescription messages have now been transmitted electronically.
  • 7,950 GP practices have had technical upgrades to the new system. 6,821 of these practices are actively operating the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).
  • During the week 3,527,916 prescription messages were transmitted using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • 7,094 (85%) GP Practices and 9,392 (87%) Pharmacies have gone live with EPS Release 1 systems.

GP2GP Transfer

  • GP2GP has now been used for 1,022,140 medical record transfers.
  • 10,126 GP2GP transfers have been made this week (figure correct as of 26 Feb 2010).

National Network for the NHS (N3)

  • Any NHS employee who requires access to National Programme services does so over the N3 network .
  • N3 will save the NHS an estimated £900m over seven years, relative to previous NHSnet contracts.
  • There are now more than 47,000 connections to N3 including approximately 11,000 delivered through aggregators (mostly pharmacies).
  • 100% of existing GP sites who require a connection have had this delivered.
  • N3 is one of the largest Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in the world.
  • The GP estate is consistently changing and these are classed as buisness as usual changes


  • When migration is complete NHSmail will have over one million users - the largest private, fully-featured, secure, single-domain e-mail service in the world.
  • The number of users registered for NHSmail, the national NHS email and directory service is increasing every week.
  • There are now almost 500,000 registered users.
  • NHS CFH staff have migrated to NHSmail.


  • There are 127 Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) from NHS Connecting for Health now live across England.
  • PACS has been fully deployed to all acute hospitals since December 2007 and the focus is now concentrated on image sharing between locations

NHS Care Records Service

  • 1,243,911 Summary Care Records have now been created on the Spine.
  • There are 771,574 Smartcard holders who are registered and approved for access to the Spine.


  • There are approximately 1,700 visits to sites to plan deployments every month.
  • 200 NHS sites have systems upgraded every month under the National Programme for IT.

NHS Connecting for Health deployment statistics by Programme for IT to 03 March 2010

NHS Connecting for Health deployment statistics are now published in a new format which provides a comprehensive, at-a-glance snapshot of our progress to date.

Due to the scale of the National Programme for IT, the pace of change, and the number of partners involved, it has not been easy to ensure consistency of presentation of deployment information in an easy-to-understand format.

Following discussions with suppliers, new information requirements have been agreed, which will provide like-for-like data in monthly reports.

The deployment statistics (PDF, 76Kb) will be updated monthly.

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