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This year is a landmark one for climate change. In Copenhagen in December, the world will come together at the United Nations conference to agree a new international agreement to tackle climate change.  The current international agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, will expire in 2012. Copenhagen, in effect, will create its successor.

The Road to Copenhagen is the UK Government’s case for an ambitious agreement at Copenhagen and focuses on urgent action to limit global temperature increases to no more than 2 degrees Celsius, beyond which the risks of dangerous climate change become much greater.

In the remaining time until Copenhagen it is essential that there is widespread awareness among of what is at stake at the Copenhagen talks, and of the vital importance of reaching a global deal.

Road to Copenhagen

Road ahead with threatening storm clouds (iStockphotos)

Setting out the UK Government’s case for an ambitious international agreement on climate change.


PM Gordon Brown at the launch of the Road to Copenhagen document, 26 June 2009 (Crown Copyright)

Milestones on the road to Copenhagen


A drought - dry cracked earth in Africa (iStockphotos)

Presenting the science of climate change

Frequently asked questions

Question mark cloud (iSockphoto)

Answering your questions on Copenhagen.

Road to Copenhagen download

Taking international action on climate change.

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Further explanation on Canada (PDF)


Impacts of global temperature rise

4 degree map (Crown Copyright)

The impacts of climate change will be widespread across the globe. The interactive map highlights the impacts of a global temperature rise of 4 ºC (7 ºF).