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Heritage and Identity
2012 Olympics and Heritage

2012 Olympics and Heritage

These pages provide information on how the Heritage Lottery Fund can support projects to celebrate your sporting or local heritage as part of the activities around the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Cultural Olympiad.

The organisers of the 2012 Games have developed the Cultural Olympiad to run alongside the sporting events. It mirrors the founder’s vision for the modern Games as an international festival of sport, art and education.  Like the original Greek Olympics, the 2012 games will celebrate the mind, body and spirit, and provide an exciting opportunity for people to take part in and learn more about their local and sporting heritage as part of a nationwide programme of events.

Sporting Heritage
Olympic catalyst
2012 can be a catalyst for people interested in sports heritage. Read about sports projects that have received funding.
Cultural Olympiad
Four-year celebration
HLF could support a project that ties in with the Cultural Olympiad by showcasing the local heritage of an area.