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MHRA related websites

British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Commission Laboratory (external link)
The BP Laboratories are located at the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) site in Teddington. They provide analytical technical support to the 'British Pharmacopoeia'. The major functions of the laboratory are:

  • development of new pharmacopoeial monographs - The BP laboratories undertake the development and validation of qualitative and quantitative test methods for new monograph specifications for publication in the BP; and refining and revalidating test methods for existing BP monographs
  • BP Chemical Reference Substance (BPCRS) - The laboratory is responsible for the procurement, establishment, maintenance and sale of BPCRS. The catalogue currently contains over 400 BPCRS which are needed as standards for monograph tests in both the BP and the BP (Veterinary).

General Practice Research Database (GPRD) (external link)
The General Practice Research Database (GPRD) is the world’s largest computerised database of anonymised longitudinal patient records from general practice, containing more than 35 million patient years of data.

Other Government websites

Care Quality Commission (external link)
The Care Quality Commission regulate health and adult social care services in England, whether they are provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (external link)
DEFRA works for the essentials of life - food, air, land, water, people, animals and plants.

Department of Health (external link)
The aim of the Department of Health is to improve the health and wellbeing of people in England. Here you will find the latest on the Department's work, as well as health and social care guidance, publications and policy. The MHRA is an executive agency of the Department of Health.

  • Department of Health's Cosmetic website (external link) - The Department of Health's information pages on cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. These pages contain details of nearly 50 different procedures and treatments, plus information about the questions you need to ask if you are considering cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Department of Health and Children, Ireland (external link)
In a partnership with the providers of healthcare, and in cooperation with other government departments, statutory and non-statutory bodies, to protect promote and restore the health and wellbeing of people by ensuring that health and personal social services are planned, managed and delivered to achieve measurable health and social gain and provide the optimum return on resources invested.

Directgov (external link)
'The place to turn to for the latest and widest range of public service information'. Directgov provides a single point for accessing all information and services from central and local government.

Home Office (external link)
The Home Office is the government department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. The purpose of the Home Office is to work with individuals and communities to build a safe, just and tolerant society enhancing opportunities for all and in which rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, and the protection and security of the public are maintained and enhanced.

National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) (external link)
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence works on behalf of the National Health Service and the people who use it. It makes recommendations on treatments and care using the best available evidence.

NHS Choices (external link)
NHS Choices is a comprehensive information service that helps to put you in control of your healthcare. The service is intended to help you make choices about your health, from lifestyle decisions about things like smoking, drinking and exercise, through to the practical aspects of finding and using NHS services in England when you need them.

NHS Direct (external link)
'Your gateway to health information on the Internet'. NHS Direct is a 24 hour nurse led telephone advice and information service and is part of the National Health Service.

NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (external link)
NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (NHS QIS) was set up to take the lead in improving the quality of care and treatment delivered by NHS Scotland.

National Patient Safety Agency (external link)
The NPSA is a special health authority created in July 2001 to coordinate the efforts of the entire country to report and more importantly to learn from mistakes and problems that affect patient safety.

Service-Public (external link)
The official gateway to the French civil service.

Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) (external link)
An executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs protecting public health, animal health, the environment and promoting animal welfare by assuring the safety, quality and efficacy of veterinary medicines in the United Kingdom.

Other regulatory bodies' websites

The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) (external link)
The EMEA, which began its activities on 1 February 1995 and was established by Council Regulation EEC 2309/93 of 22 July 1993, coordinates and supports the EC licensing system.

European Commission - Pharmaceuticals (external link)
The European Commission initiates new proposals, whether new legislation or new authorisation procedures, monitors implementation by national authorities and refers infringements to the European Court of Justice. The Commission's Directorate General includes a unit responsible for pharmaceuticals.

Europa (external link)
Europa is the portal site of the European Union. It provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration. Users can also consult all legislation currently in force or under discussion, access the websites of each of the EU institutions and find out about the policies administered by the European Union under the powers devolved to it by the Treaties. 

Global Harmonization Task Force (external link)
The Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF) was conceived in 1992 in an effort to respond to the growing need for international harmonization in the regulation of medical devices.

Heads of agencies (external link)
This is the common website for the medicines authorities in the European Union and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

European national medicines/medical devices authorities

Austria / Federal Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs (external link)

Belgium / The Directorate-General Public Health Protection: Medicinal Products (external link)

Denmark / Danish Medicines Agency (external link)

Finland / National Agency for Medicines (external link)

France / Agence Francaise de Securite Sanitaire des Produits de Sante (external link)

Germany / Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) (external link)

Greece / National Drug Organization (external link)

Iceland / Icelandic Medicines Control Agency (IMCA) (external link)

Ireland / Irish Medicines Board (external link)

Italy / Ministry of Health (external link)

Luxemburg / Division de la Pharmacie et des Médicamentes (external link)

Netherlands / Medicines Evaluation Board (external link)

Norway / Norwegian Medicines Agency (external link)

Portugal / INFARMED / The National Pharmacy and Medicines Institute (external link)

Spain / Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (external link)

Sweden / Medical Products Agency (external link)

Switzerland / Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (external link)

Australia / Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) (external link)

Japan/ National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan (external link)

Canada/ Therapeutic Products Directorate (external link)

USA/ The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (external link)

Other useful websites (external link)
The main section on is the electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC).
The eMC provides free access to up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable information about prescription and over-the-counter medicines available in the UK.

Intensive Care Society (external link)
The Intensive Care Society was founded in 1970 to bring together clinicians whose main interest is caring for critically ill patients. Membership includes anaesthetists, surgeons and physicians. The Society also has a rapidly growing nurse and professionally allied membership including unit managers and other non-medical staff involved in intensive care.

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