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How to challenge a decision or proposal made by the CAA

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When applying for a medical certificate (required to act as a pilot or an air traffic controller) a medical assessment will be carried out by an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) approved by the CAA who may issue the certificate, assess the applicant as unfit or defer the decision on fitness to the Aeromedical Section (AMS). 

If a certificate has been varied or denied the first point of appeal is to the AMS for a primary review of the AME’s decision.  If the AMS has varied or denied a certificate following referral by an AME or has upheld an AME’s variation or denial of a certificate the second point of appeal is to the Head AMS.

To request an appeal, either a primary or secondary review, contact:  Head Aeromedical Section at: stating that your appeal is to the AMS (if the AME determined the variation or denial) or to the Head AMS (if the AMS determined or upheld the variation or denial). Before reaching a secondary review decision the Head AMS may seek the advice of specialists either by correspondence or by convening a Specialist Review Panel of consultants in the relevant medical specialty. 

An applicant who has been refused a medical certificate by the Head AMS has a right of appeal to the CAA’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

To request an appeal by the CMO contact: Head Aeromedical Section (as above) stating that your appeal is to the CMO.

A guide to the appeals process is available in: The Medical Appeals Procedure

The requirements and guidance on fitness for medical certification can be found at: