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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to help you with answers to some frequently asked questions. Simply click on a question below to be taken to the answer. Unless otherwise stated all links will open within the same browser.

To view this website or the enclosed documentation in its entirety you will require the following to be installed on your computer:

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or above Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3 or above. If you have access to the internet, then by clicking on the relevant image below, you may download the latest versions.

Windows Internet Explorer button. When clicked goes to Microsoft Download page

Adobe Acrobat button. When clicked goes to Adobe Download page

Please note that if you have a Libra desktop or laptop then this software should be already installed. However you should contact the relevant helpdesk for maintenance before downloading any additional programs.

The display is too big for my screen; how do I change the settings?

These pages have been designed for viewing with a screen setting of 800x600 pixels. If the windows are too large for your screen, for example you cannot see the controls on the right hand side, it may be that your screen is set to 640x480 pixels. To change the settings, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the 'Start' button at the bottom of your screen, select 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'.

2. Double click on the 'Display' icon. Small screen icon

3. Select the 'Settings' tab.

4. Drag the slider under 'Screen area' to 800x600 pixels, click on 'OK'.

5. In the 'Display Properties' window click on 'OK' - your screen will go blank for a moment and then reappear in the new size setting 6. In the 'Monitor Settings' window click on 'Yes'.

7. Close the 'Control Panel' window and you can now continue with the Documents.

Follow the steps detailed above to revert back to the original screen size.

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How do I use the various navigation functions within on this site?

"Access keys" have been included to assist users with disabilities when navigating their way through the web site. Essentially keyboard shortcuts, access keys provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse. At present, only Microsoft Internet Explorer supports access keys and using them depends upon what type of operating system you use.

Macintosh based computers

Pressing "CTRL" and the access key will automatically send you to that specific page.

Windows based computers

Pressing "ALT" and the access key will give focus to that specific link on the page. If you press return, you will then be taken to that page.

The access keys used on this site are:

0 = Accessibility

1 = Welcome

2 = About the Contents

4 = Useful Information

6 = About the Judicial Studies Board

7 = JSB website

8 = Help

9 = Download Help

b = Locates nearest "Back to top" button

z = Home

s = Skip Navigation

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Can the position and size of the window be changed?

Yes, you can move the browser window around your screen by placing your cursor on the top blue bar, clicking your mouse, holding the mouse button depressed and dragging the window to the required position. You can use this technique if the control buttons in the top right are obscured from view.

You can Minimise, Maximise and Close the window by clicking one of the three buttons in the upper right corner as shown below.

Image indicating top right button structure of standard windows "Close, Minimise and Maximise" buttons

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How do I print files from this website?

To print the main page, Aboutthe JSB or this help page, click on Print button on your Standard Buttons menu, or use File, Print or press CTRL + P at the same time.

To print any of the documents files, click on Print button on your Standard Buttons menu, or use File, Print or press CTRL + P at the same time. Remember that if you wish to print more than one copy of the same document you need to increase the 'Number of copies' or you will have to repeat the process again.

If you have a printer that has a double-sided printing facility, you can use it.



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