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Annex G: Changing browser fonts

Publishing date: May 2002

Although there are many web browsers on the market, the most commonly used applications are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. The following information is based on these two browsers. Most others allow the user to configure their browser window and these changes are completed in similar ways. Any browser will always have a help facility that will explain how these operations are carried out.

All pull-down and selectable menu options within each of the applications have a single underlined letter. This shows how to access the option if a pointing device is not available. This may mean that the ‘alt’ or ‘ctrl’ or ‘shift’ key is held down at the same time as the designated letter is pressed, depending on how a user’s computer is configured.

G.1 Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)

MSIE version 4

As stated, different versions of MSIE work in slightly different ways. In MSIE5.5 this same selection process can be accessed by selecting ‘Tools’ from the top pull down menu options and then selecting ‘Internet Options’ .

MSIE4 Screenshot

G.2 Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator approaches things in a slightly different manner but essentially works in the same way as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Netscape Navigator screenshot

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