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The Service First and Modernising Government programmes have now been completed. The information held on this site is no longer being maintained but is retained for archive purposes.

To learn about reform of public services, you may find the following sites useful:

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If you work in the public sector, you can access our good practice database and other useful information via the Public Sector Benchmarking Service.

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Charter Mark

Modernising Government News

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Issue 8 - In the February 2001 issue - Highlights some of the 2000 Charter Mark winners; The Regulatory Reform Bill, and National Ideas Day.
Issue 7 - In the November 2000 issue - Modernising the Court Service; DfEE's Work-Life Balance Initiative central government beacon scheme and Operation Sabre, Greater Manchester Police's initiative to cut crime.
Issue 6  In the September 2000 issue Tony Blair launches UK online, 24-hour services - update, Public Servant of the Year award scheme, and details of free Charter Mark seminars and workshops.
Issue 5  In the May 2000 issue Cherie Blair celebrates the TNT Awards, £60 million for pioneering public service projects, and, 24-hour services - do we need them?
Issue 4  the February 2000 issue celebrates the achievements of the 1999 Charter Mark Award winners including a Roll of Honour, and includes information on initiatives such as Learning Labs, the Measurement and Performance Project and Mystery Shopping Teams
Issue 3 November 1999
Issue 2 September 1999
Issue 1 April 1999



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