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  'Citizens First' takes to the road!  

Ministers have been checking out service delivery on the front line in a series of regional roadshows following on from ‘Citizens First’, the Modernising Government annual report.

Following the report Ministers were keen to see for themselves some of the examples of modernising in action – in particular front line services which have benefited from a joined-up approach cutting across traditional boundaries.

Meeting and talking to staff and customers, Ministers have been able to see for themselves the impact the new initiatives have made.

The roadshow programme started in Cambridge and runs through to early summer, allowing Ministers to see projects in most parts of the country.

‘Citizens First’, published last September, brought the modernising programme to life by focusing on more than 40 examples in which even a small shift in approach has made all the difference.

Cabinet Office Minister Ian McCartney said:

"Modernising is all about empowering workers, improving services for users, restoring confidence in public services and public service.

Too often the changes that have brought about real improvements remain little known or celebrated. We are determined to celebrate these successes. They deserve recognition and in this way we can encourage them to be more widely adopted, helping those with new ideas to put them into practice."

Citizens first followed on from the Modernising Government White Paper which set out the Government’s programme of public sector reform. It covered the main aspects of public sector work – how policy is made, the delivery of services, making best use of new technologies and managing staff to feel valued and give of their best.

Ring us on 020 7276 1491 if you would like a copy of ‘Citizens First’ or to find out more about the roadshows programme.


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