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HM Government: Draft Legislative Programme

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Why is the Government announcing its draft legislative programme?

The Government wants to open up what has until now been a traditionally closed process, giving both Parliament and the public advance sight of what legislation it is planning. This will promote:

How will the public be engaged in the draft legislative programme?

The public are invited to comment on the programme through the dedicated "Have your say" [External website] facility on the Cabinet Office website.

How much will this cost?

This website has been developed using in-house resources. The comments received will be assessed in the Prime Minister's Office and the Cabinet Office using existing staff and resources.

What will be the outcome of the public engagement?

It will feed into the Government's priorities for its legislative programme both for the next session and for the planning for the 2008-09 session which starts in Autumn 2007. The Government retains the right to decide on the final shape of the programme and the content of the individual bills that it will present to Parliament.

What other information on the draft legislative programme will be made published?

Many of the bills included in the programme are or have been the subject of wide consultation. The details of the documents about each bill that have been published can be found in the Draft Legislative Programme document [External PDF].

The Leader of the House of Commons who published the draft programme will be publishing a summary of responses to the Consultation in the Autumn.