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This information is being maintained for archive/historical purposes. 
It will not be updated.
Please see for details.
The Service First and Modernising Government programmes have now been completed. The information held on this site is no longer being maintained but is retained for archive purposes.

To learn about reform of public services, you may find the following sites useful:

Prime Ministerís Office of Public Service Reform 
Prime Ministerís Delivery Unit
Civil Service Reform 

Charter Mark Website

If you work in the public sector, you can access our good practice database and other useful information via the Public Sector Benchmarking Service.

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Accessing Public Services


…to the new accessing public services website. This site contains many of the documents previously available on the former Modernising Public Services Group website but over time will contain much, much more.

This site is designed to help you, whether you are a member of the public, a service provider, policy maker or researcher. It is about the way the best services are delivered and how they have achieved their success. It is about sharing information, improving services and consulting customers.

Over time this site will provide you with the opportunity to seek advice and guidance by looking up directories of services, best practice case studies, our top tips & checklists for success and have your say through our discussion forum or by emailing us on

But we are just beginning so bear with us. The site is being built up in sections and the first of these is on extending service hours. We have called this About Time which you can access by clicking here or by going through How to Access Services

How to access services ( Now Live)
Our promises to you
Who does it best
Getting it right (Now Live)
Discussion forum
Training and development
Useful contacts & links
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