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Russell Commission implementation body welcomes Founding Partners

In December 2005, T-Mobile, ITV, KPMG, MTV, Tesco, Sky and The Hunter Foundation pledged a total of £3.5m to engage and inspire a new generation of young people to take part in volunteering and community activities throughout England.

Ian Russell welcomed the Founding Partners:

“I am delighted to be joined by seven exceptional Founding Partners, who believe in the enormous power of volunteering, and are committed to harnessing the energy, skills and enthusiasm of young people to make a real difference in communities across England.”

Chancellor, Gordon Brown, also thanked private sector partners, praising them for their investment in young people:

"I would like to extend my personal thanks to the new Founding Partners for their vision and commitment to youth volunteering. I believe there is an incredible goodwill mountain just waiting to be tapped. This new scheme will help to unleash the potential of young people everywhere, enabling them to make a real and lasting contribution to their communities."

Read the press release here

Read more about our Founding Partners here:

T Mobile Logo
T-Mobile is working in partnership with TimeBank and Youth Action Network to encourage young people to get involved in volunteering. Going forward, T-Mobile will be funding various initiatives with these organisations, all aimed at enabling more young people to make a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others in their community through volunteering.

Brian McBride, Chief Executive at T-Mobile said “T-Mobile is about connecting people and bringing them closer to the things that matter to them. We are delighted to be a Founding Partner of the Russell Commission implementation body, helping to transform the way young people become involved in volunteering”.

Press contact: Julie Watson
Tel: 07939 539462

ITV Logo
ITV will use the power of the ITV network to support the aims of Russell Commission using regional news and bespoke programming to highlight, inspire and motivate young people to consider volunteering as a means to developing their potential. The ITV Regional News service reaches an average of 23.7 million viewers which is 46% of the UK population.

Announcing ITV’s commitment, Charles Allen, Chief Executive ITV plc said “I am delighted that ITV will be part of such an exciting and important initiative. ITV and our 11 regions can play a unique role in showcasing what young volunteers are already doing and in partnership with them, motivating hundreds of thousands more to follow their example. The power of our cameras can shed light on the amazing stories generated by selfless acts and the reach of our audience through our regional news flagship programmes can help inspire others to get on board.”

Press Contact: Jane Luca, Controller of Regional Affairs
Tel: 0161 827 2219
Email: Jane.Luca@ITV.COM

KPMG’s initial involvement with the Russell Commission came when Neil Sherlock, Partner, Public Affairs participated in the Independent Advisory Group advising Ian Russell in his development of a national framework to encourage youth volunteering. The firm has now committed to providing long-term support to the Commission through investing time and money in four main volunteering projects. Through supporting and developing these projects KPMG aims to help the Commission achieve its goal of recruiting a million new volunteers over the next three years.

Mike Rake, Chairman of KPMG International and KPMG LLP (UK) said: “Becoming a founding partner of the Russell Commission implementation body is a natural continuation of KPMG’s long standing commitment to supporting volunteering within our local communities. Our own people have supported the firm’s UK wide volunteering programme for over ten years. Over 3,000 KPMG staff – more than 30 percent of our people – now participate in the programme.”

Press contact: Claire Le Masurier, Press and PR Executive
Tel: 0207 694 8639

MTV Logo
MTV Chief Executive, Michel Bakker explained their commitment to inspire young people - "MTV has an ongoing global commitment to empower young people to be creative and enterprising, encouraging them to use our brand as a platform to define themselves and inspire each other. We share the convictions of the Russell Commission and its Founding Partners in creating new initiatives that showcase the talents and aspirations of young people in the UK and, in so doing, highlight the unique contribution they make to society."

Press contact: Eleanor Parker, Senior Press Manager
Tel: 0207 284 6348

Tesco Logo
Announcing his support for the Russell Commission implementation body, Tesco Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy, said "Providing people with opportunities to get on and allowing individuals to explore new experiences to broaden their horizons is at the heart of our values. I am delighted to support the Russell Commission in bringing these aims to young people throughout the country."

Press contact: Central Press Office
Tel: 01992 644645

Sky Logo
Sky aims to use the strengths of its brand, programming and online presence to inspire young people into action. A range of innovative projects will motivate teenagers across the UK to get involved in volunteering and provide new opportunities to mentor younger children.

James Murdoch, Chief Executive explained - "Encouraging young people to take an active role in their communities is a natural extension of Sky's long-standing work to help teenagers to achieve their potential. We are pleased to be able to be a founding partner in this innovative new programme and we are looking forward to getting stuck in."

Press contact: Jade Holmes, Senior Communications Manager
Tel: 020 7705 3448

The Hunter Foundation Logo
The Hunter Foundation
Sir Tom Hunter of The Hunter Foundation explained the importance of engaging young people in international volunteering opportunities –

“Through the Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative and our other investments in Africa we hope, through this volunteering programme, to enable young people to play a crucial role in the development agenda.

By enabling young people to better understand just how vibrant Africa is and how a solution does exist to extreme poverty, we hope to engage the younger generation in supporting African people in delivering their own solutions to poverty.”

Press contact: Ewan Hunter
Tel: (via Lorna Gibson) 01563 852242