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Press Releases

Over 70 young people joined the debate on the future of youth action and engagement at the consultation launch on October 4, 2004

For press enquires, please contact v's Communication Team on

020 7084 8131

22 Mar 2006 - Business Pledges £10 Million to Support Youth Volunteering PDF Icon (file size: 99kb)
16 Jan 2006 - Chief Executive appointed to run new Russell Commission charity (file size: 112kb)
05 Dec 2005 - Founding Partners announce £3.5m investment in new youth volunteering charity (file size: 31kb)
05 Dec 2005 - New Chair and Youth Advisory Board appointed to revolutionise youth volunteering in England (file size: 31kb)
16 Mar 2005 - Russell Commission welcomes Government’s investment into youth volunteering (file size: 31kb)
31 Jan 2005 - MORI report press release (file size: 53kb)
04 Jan 2005 - Student population volunteers time for others (file size: 31kb)
04 Jan 2005 - Student population volunteers time for others (file size: 31kb)
13 Dec 2004 - First responses to volunteering shake-up (file size: 31kb)
9 Dec 2004 - Northern Ireland helps shake-up UK volunteering (file size: 31kb)
8 Dec 2004 - Enabling Welsh rural communities to volunteer (file size: 31kb)
25 Nov 2004 - Wales summit: Russell’s Mission to local young people (file size: 31kb)
25 Nov 2004 - London summit: Taking youth volunteering to new heights (file size: 33kb)
25 Nov 2004 - Manchester summit: Russell’s Mission to local young people (file size: 29kb)
22 Oct 2004 - Give a little time and win an iPOD (file size: 33kb)
04 Oct 2004 - Fresh faced approach to youth volunteering (file size: 33kb)
20 Sep 2004 - Media invitation to consultation launch - October 4th 2004 (file size: 50kb)
12 Aug 2004 - The Russell Commission – statement of correction (file size: 50kb)
09 Aug 2004 - Lift off for Russell Mission (file size: 50kb)
17 May 2004 - Boosting youth participation in communities (file size: 27kb)