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Regional Events – Summary now available

Throughout October and November 2005, the Russell Commission implementation team held six regional events. The events were designed to update volunteering practitioners on implementation progress to date, as well as supporting organisations to prepare for the step-change outlined in Ian Russell’s report.

If you would like to read the full record of a particular event, click on the links below:

Frequently asked questions

Read some of the frequently asked questions from these events. The FAQ will expand and develop as the implementation team and the new charity begin to address more of the questions asked at these events.

Workshop toolkits

You can now download workshop toolkits, which provide an outline of all the topics covered during the regional events. Toolkits will include top tips and best practice to support practitioners in delivering high quality volunteering opportunities for young people:


Thank you

The Russell Commission implementation team would like to thank the following organisations for their support in delivering workshops at our regional events:

Martin Farrell, Regional Events Facilitator –
Reed Consultancies –
UK Youth –
Volunteering England –
Youth Action Network –