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The Commission has held a series of regional meetings around the country, to gain the views of stakeholders. The details of these are shown below. A summary of the points made at each meeting can be found by following the appropriate link

Regional visits

North West The Commission visited Kendal and Penrith on 25 October. [note of visit]

North East The Commission visited Darlington and Teesdale on 26 October. [note of visit]

South East The Commission visited Dorking and the Surrey Hills on 2 November. [note of visit]

Western The Commission visited Withybrook and Coventry on 7 November. [note of visit]

South West The Commission visited Redhill (Bristol), the Parrett valley and Cannington, Somerset, on 7 November. [note of visit]

Eastern The Commission visited Peterborough and Fleet, Lincolnshire, on 16 November. [note of visit]

Stakeholder Meetings

Food industry 23 October. [note of meeting]

Farmers 30 October. [note of meeting]

Consumers 31 October. [note of meeting]

Environment 6 November. [note of meeting]

Food wholesalers and caterers 12 November. [note of meeting]