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Background to the reviewer

Peter Rogers is Chief Executive of Westminster City Council. Before Westminster, Peter carried out several roles at West Midlands Travel Group, culminating in his position as Commercial Director.

Peter is also a member of the Central London Partnership Executive, which is the focus for public private partnership in central London.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Institute of Personnel and Development, and the judging panel for the LGC awards for local government.

Quote from Peter Rogers  

“I am delighted to have successfully completed this review and that my recommendations have been accepted in full by Government.

Local authorities play a critical role in enforcement and the range of policy areas where they have regulatory responsibilities is both extensive and growing.

Having identified the top national regulatory priorities much work now needs to be done to take this forward at both national and local level to realise the benefits of prioritisation for citizens, local authorities and business.”


Peter Rogers